Bereg Cuboid 3.60
Russian made kuboid tent

UP Bereg Cuboid 3.60 double-layer winter tents

Winter tent Сuboid 3.60 "Bereg". Double layer.

Winter tent Сuboid 3.60 Bereg Double layer, Russian made winter tents

Сuboid 3.60 "Bereg" - an all-season cube tent for winter fishing, hunting, camping and organizing a mobile bath.

Double layer winter tents. The  Сuboid 3.60 Bereg with a zippered bottom will become a real home in cold conditions.

Сuboid 3.60 has a rectangular shape. Capacity - 4-6 people.

The length of the tent - 3.6 m, width - 1.8 m, height - 1.9 m.

Awnings of the tent are made of waterproof windproof Oxford fabric with water-repellent impregnation. The seams of the outer tent are securely taped with a special sealing tape, applied under the influence of high temperature.

A frame made of B95T1 alloy (bar of 10 mm) and a system of delays for the winter double layer tent Сuboid 3.60 Bereg tent will provide good wind resistance. B95T1 is a corrosion resistant, durable material (in USA analogue AA7075, in EU ENAW 7075).

Tent equipment:

- Two entrances on zipper, located diagonally relative to each other. The outer sides of the entrances of the tent Сuboid 3.60 "Bereg" have a inner layer that prevents moisture Entrances in the open position are fixed with velcro;

- Folding end wall. With this feature, camping becomes more comfortable during the warm season. The wall will serve as a canopy to optimize the space in front of the tent: under the canopy you can organize a dining area. For installation of a canopy complete with a tent are designed support racks of bar B95T1;

- The inner awning is equipped with a partition made of Oxford fabric and a bottom with a zipper. The partition is attached with a zipper and divides the tent into two rooms. The partition is completely removable! In a larger compartment, you can organize a residential module with the installation of tourist folding beds, and in another store equipment and things. The inner awning duplicates the main tent, is equipped with an airtight zippered bottom, pockets and organizers on the walls and snap hooks for hanging things or a flashlight;

- Four multifunctional windows of the tent are located on the side walls, two on each side. From the outside, the window is protected by a waterproof facing and is closed with a velcro flap. A prop in the lower part of the window allows you to ventilate the room even during the rain. Multifunctional windows include filling of frost-resistant transparent PVC. This material can withstand temperatures from +50 to -50 degrees

- Double layer Сuboid 3.60 is equipped with two chimney cuts with a diameter of 90 mm for installing an oven in a tent. Chimney cutting is a sewn heat-resistant fabric with a metal ring. The ring fixes the chimney pipe and prevents damage to the awning of the tent. When using a tent without an oven, the chimney cutting is closed by a protective facing;

- For additional ventilation and air flow in the lower part of the tent there are small windows;

- Double layer Сuboid 3.60 "Bereg" has two grid-shelfs, two pairs of pockets with velcro, two pairs of sewn pockets and two organizers for storing personal things. They are located on opposite walls of the tent;

- Under each window of the tent are located velcro for mounting the organizer. The organizer is made of a combination of Oxford fabric and PVC. Equipped with 5 pockets of various sizes.

Features of the tent Сuboid 3.60 

- Effective useful area. In a tent with a height of 2 meters can easily accommodate people of any height. Thanks to this, double layer Сuboid 3.6 is convenient to use as a tent for winter fishing or as a mobile bath for a company of 3-4 people;

- Easy and quick installation. Frame, outer and inner (optional) awnings of the Сuboid 3.6 do not require a separate assembly. After the end of fishing or camping, the tent is folded up without the need for a separate set;

- Several uses. Double layer Сuboid 3.60 "Bereg" has universal application as an all-season residential module, a fishing winter tent or a sauna!

- Reliable and durable materials. The materials used for the production of Сuboid 3.60 have been tested in the most severe climatic conditions.



length 3,6m

Width 1,8m

Height 1,9m

Weight 27m

Window, pc 4

Entrance 2

Chimney, pc 2

Size bag

Packing size 1,3 х 0,3 х 0,3 m


Tent, pc Outer awning + inner awning + frame

Partition, pc 1

Peg, pc 1 complete

Pocket with velcro, pc 2

Wall stands, complete 1

Small pocket with velcro, pc 2

Bag, pc 1

Mat under the stove, pc 1

Rope, m 1 complete

Shelf, pc 2

Repair kit, pc 1

Manual and warranty card, pc 1


Material outer awning Oxford 300 PU 4000

Frame material Aluminium B95T1 10 mm

Material inner awning Oxford 210 PU 2000

Pack material Oxford 600 PU 3000 + PVC / carton