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Camping stoves  designed for heating winter tents and cooking ,

Wood-burning stoves for winter tents have a rigid frame made of heat - resistant stainless steel AISI 430, the wall thickness of which is 0.8-1 mm (depending on the selected model).

This design provides the right balance between durability and weight of the set with the tent.

All long burning stoves for winter tents  are equipped with a spark arrestor which significantly reduces the risk of burning the outer tent  

A feature of the fireplace stove is the presence of side screens made of heat-resistant ceramic glass. Glass ceramic, which is used in production, can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius.

Compared to stainless steel tent stoves, the Fireplace has several advantages:

Glass screens will allow you to see the burning of fire and control the level of firewood or briquettes in the firebox of a wood stove;

Glass screens have increased heat transfer efficiency compared to stainless steel screens;

Glass screens create additional lighting in the winter tent.

Assortment and comparative characteristics:

The fireplace stove is made in three versions: small, medium and large sizes. The main criteria for choosing the size of the camp stove: dimensions of the winter tent, its design and operating temperature of the kit.

Fireplace Bereg Stove

Fireplace Stove - Bereg

Vector Stove

Additional Information


Stove "Vector" Bereg has the shape of an octagon (regular octagon). Such a design of a mobile furnace is more resistant to metal deformation due to its rigidity.

Stove "Vector" Bereg is made of heat-resistant AISI 430 stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm. Increased thickness significantly extends the service life with a relatively small weight complete with a tent.

In the upper part of the combustion chamber there is a plate - spark arrester (spark trap), which increases the efficiency of the stove when used in a winter tent. Spark arrestor forms an additional combustion chamber, which does not allow heat to leave the combustion chamber directly. Due to the presence of a spark arrestor, the duration of the burning of a stove on one tab of wood reaches 6 - 8 hours.

Four stationary reflecting screens of the Stove "Vector" perform a protective function and create convection currents along the furnace body, accelerating the process of heating the tent.

The advanced oxygen supply system of the stove "Vector" is supplemented with a compactor and allows for more fine adjustment of the air supply to the combustion chamber of the furnace. The openings for air flow are covered with a plate from the inside, which allows to avoid the release of sparks and hot coals from the combustion chamber

Removable aluminum legs are attached with thumb screws. The legs have excellent stability, quickly assembled. Stored in a separate textile case.

Stove "Vector" Bereg is an excellent addition to the set with a medium and large size winter tent.


During operation, slight deformations of the metal are possible, which do not degrade the technical characteristics of the stove!

Guarantee  - 3 years!

Vector Stove
Russian made stove
Tent stove

Vector Stove

Russian made stove

Tent stove

Vector Stove

Vector Stove-Bereg


Additional Information

Camping stove Soputnik is used for heating tents and cooking in the field. 

The wood burning stove is made in the shape of a hexagon. The hexagon makes the structure more durable due to additional stiffening ribs.

A glass with a metal mesh on the blower will simplify the ignition and will allow to achieve complete burning of firewood in the combustion chamber. 

The production of a stove for the Soputnik was made possible thanks to the idea of ​​Grigory Sokolov.

The box for laying firewood (or the combustion chamber) has the form of a hexagon with a narrowing to the bottom. Independent fire door for laying firewood and a glass door to check the presence of firewood and control the intensity of burning.

An insert made of heat-resistant glass ceramics 4 mm thick., Which is equipped with a removable door, will allow you to control the fuel level in the camp stove and give additional lighting in the tent. The door handle is removable, fastened with wing screws. When transporting the stove the handle is installed on the reverse side, due to which the transport dimensions are reduced and deformation is prevented.

The spark arrestor is located inside the combustion chamber and divides it into two parts. A double combustion chamber with a spark arrestor increases the burning time of firewood up to 6-8 hours, positively affects the distribution of heat in the tent and protects the external tent from sparks.

Stationary shields are located at the end and at the bottom of the stove. The lower protective screen prevents the melting of ice and snow under the tent in the winter, and the rear screen reduces the effects of high temperature on the wall of the tent.

Two integrated grilles are mounted on props and are located on the sides. The horizontal surface of the grates increases the cooking surface and is used to heat food, store pots or teapots. The inclined part of the gratings performs a protective function, prevents contact of clothing with the red-hot surface of the oven or acts as a dryer for small items of clothing, equipment. 

When assembled, the grilles are attached to the lower protective screen. This  reduces the size, facilitates the storage and transportation of the stove.

The removable legs of the aluminum pipe are attached using the “wing” screws. Thanks to the removable design, the convenience of transportation and storage is achieved. Perforation of the legs will avoid overheating of the metal. An additional distance between the supports is the key to stability and fire safety.

Materials for the manufacture of the stove

The soputnik is made of 0.8 mm thick AISI 430 stainless steel. AISI 430 is characterized by high resistance to corrosion, resistance to temperature extremes and reliability of the weld. The wall thickness of 0.8 mm is the key to the right balance between the period of operation and the weight of the camp stove complete with a tent.

To increase the tightness of the box for laying firewood, the seams are welded with argon. 

Complete set of the stove

The soputnik is equipped with chimney pipes, removable legs with a separate cover, gloves, a smoke detector, a poker and a reinforced bag for transportation.

Precautions and recommendations:

Do not use flammable liquids when igniting. The correct solution is a burner;

Do not use coal, particleboard, laminate, hardboard as fuel. Such fuel is toxic;

Do not change the design of the furnace and do not allow overheating due to intense burning;

Keep the exhaust pipe in good condition and draft;

Do not touch a hot stove without gloves;

Do not dry shoes, personal items, or equipment directly on the stove;

Do not keep the fire door open except for time for laying firewood;

Do not store fuel in the immediate vicinity of the stove;

Installation of the furnace without inclinations and distortions will help to avoid deformation during operation;

Uniform stacking of firewood and air circulation will ensure a long burning time;

Every 15-20 hours of operation, clean the chimney from soot formed on the walls;

Use a heat-resistant mat and smoke detector;

Provide ventilation for the tent. Do not close windows and entrances at the same time



Soputnik Stove from Bereg

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